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  • John Northrup with Joyce Lanning: Citizens Climate Lobby

John Northrup with Joyce Lanning: Citizens Climate Lobby

  • Thursday, June 28, 2018
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • The Harbert Center

John Northrop and Joyce Lanning

Citizen's Climate Lobby

Climate change remains a contentious subject, especially in the U.S. However, this June 10-12, over 1200 conservative and progressive members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Citizens’ Climate Education are gathering in Washington D.C. for their 9th annual two-day educational conference, followed by a day of visiting Representatives and Senators on the hill. Come hear John Northrop, co-chair of the Birmingham Chapter of CCL, share some of CCL’s successes and his recent experience as a participant in respectfully looking for common values.

The importance of solutions for dealing with climate risk is more and more recognized by states, cities and businesses even as Congress fails to act and as the White House has isolated the U.S. as the only nation to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Accord on climate. 

When scientists and some policy makers agreed that smoking cigarettes was costing health and lives, they worked – and are still working - to increase the product’s price. A proper price on carbon is the goal of CCL/CCE and its members in over 480 chapters, most in the United States. CCL is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. It trains and supports local volunteers to help create political will by respectfully working with elected officials, the media and our communities.

Joyce Lanning, long-time TWN member and co-founder of Birmingham’s CCL chapter, will frame the conversation for us, with some stories of her work with utility regulation that led her to adopt CCL’s Carbon Fee & Dividend approach as a necessary market-based underpinning for other solutions.

John Northrop is senior co-chair of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Birmingham chapter. He is a graduate of Andalusia High School, Birmingham-Southern College and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His first career was journalism, beginning at the Birmingham News, later at the Birmingham Reporter, the Samoa News, and the Birmingham Post-Herald.

Northrop began his education career as a communications specialist at Birmingham Public Schools, followed by six years as a teacher and administrator at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. He was an assistant superintendent for school systems in Tucson, AZ, Riverside, CA, and Atlanta, and an associate commissioner of education for the Kentucky Department of Education. In 1997 he became ASFA's executive director. He retired in 2011.

In 2005, NewSouth Books published Northrop's full-length play in book form entitled MAYOR TODD, having to do with Birmingham politics and race. He and his wife Ericka have published a book of her poems and his photographs, entitled Animal Impressions. They are at work on a second book, entitled Natural Selections. 

Joyce Lanning, Ph.D., is an environmental educator and consultant, and an active volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Education. For over ten years she served as pro-bono Energy Program Consultant for the Alabama Environmental Council where she coordinated the POWER-UP Energy Forum. Since 2012, she’s monitored meetings of the Alabama Public Service Commission, the body tasked with regulating our monopoly utilities.

Joyce served as Natural Resources Chair on the board of the League of Women Voters of Alabama, as well as on the Climate Change Task Force for the League of Women Voters of the United States. She is a former Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Public Health at UAB and instructor in economics and health policy at Birmingham-Southern College.

In the past ten years, Joyce has focused on energy efficiency and renewables as one way to decrease various pollutants from burning fossil fuels.  Training to give presentations about the Inconvenient Truth movie and a “Climate Change Challenge” educational tourist trip to Antarctica in 2007 confirmed her interest in global changes and solutions which may affect the legacy we’re leaving for the young of all species, including her two grandchildren.


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